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Staff members share ideas with each other,
We propose the "best plan" for our customers.

At Isewan Land Transport, we are working to create an environment where anyone, regardless of age or position, can actively express their opinions within the company.

All of our staff members who are in charge of our customers share their issues and requests with us so that we can propose the best plan for our customers. Our staff members, from young to experienced, are all highly motivated and elite, so please feel free to contact us for consultation.

Isewan Land Transport has been supported by many employees to date.
The 65th anniversary party was attended by not only employees but also their families, and we were able to celebrate our 65th anniversary in a grand way.
Isewan Land Transport, together with many of our employees, will continue to work hard every day to make the best proposals to our customers.


Isewan Land Transport actively promotes young employees to managerial positions and entrusts those who are "motivated" with more and more responsible work.

If you are looking for a "challenging job" in the transportation industry, we believe that you will grow a lot by being entrusted with and experiencing responsible work.
We are also committed to supporting the development and growth of young employees, and we hope that many more "friends" will join us in the future.