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Head Office Operations


We provide all the solutions to your transport needs and storage options.

Our company has strong environmental focus and we use low carbon emission vehicles and trucks. We have wide range of small trucks from 4 tonnes, 7 tonnes and 15 tones vehicle. For the larger trucks, we can transport 20ft and 40ft containers as well as reach stacker.
The Container Department, located near the Port of Nagoya, has a wide variety of optimal vehicles to meet various customer needs, including all 3-axle full load tractors, dry container transport, 3-axle chassis for heavy cargo, MG chassis for frozen container transport, low floor chassis for OVER HIGH cargo transport with flat containers, etc.
We also offer MARINE CONTAINER RENTAL services and on-site work for devanning and packing at the delivery location. Please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form so that we can provide you with the best transportation plan based on a thorough understanding of your needs.

Kani Nino Office


Leave steel transportation to us.

Since the establishment of our new Nino Sales Office in 2014, we have been primarily engaged in heavy hauling of steel plates, general steel products, and various other items. We are committed to enhancing the quality and safety of our transportation services through rigorous employee training programs. As a result, our business has grown, and our expertise in providing customized solutions has been widely recognized.
We are dedicated to continually improving our services and look forward to serving you even more effectively in the future.
If we may be of assistance to you in your region, we are prepared to offer our support not only in the transportation of steel products but also for the movement of other commodities.