Isewan Rikuun


  1. ホーム
  2. 倉庫部門&コンテナ保管

Storage operations can be performed according to the product, from manual work to forklift operation, etc.

The company has storage space of 800 tsubos (2,644.64 m2) indoors and 500 tsubos (1,652.9 m2) on the head office premises to store customers' valuable goods, as well as container vanning/devanning and ancillary work, to meet a variety of needs. We have a range of 16-tonne, 5-tonne, 4.5-tonne, 3-tonne and plate clamping lifts.

Our experienced staff will take care of our customers' valuable goods on a daily basis. New enquiries are always welcome, so please feel free to contact us.


Loading, unloading and storage of actual containers is possible.

We can help when:
・Export containers that cannot be delivered to the container terminal due to shipping schedule.
・Import containers cannot be delivered even though the container terminal's free time has expired.
・Delivery deadlines cannot be set.

We can temporarily store your containers. We also handle transferring to new container due to container defects. If you are looking for temporary container storage, please contact us.