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Isewan Land Transport has introduced a variety of equipment for the safe and secure transport of our customers' valuable cargo. We use these facilities to respond quickly and accurately to our customers' needs.

Service and Repair department


Regular maintenance is a must at the company's own maintenance workshop.

In the trucking transport industry, the position of the company's own maintenance workshop is very important and advantages.
The company's trucks and all other equipment are inspected and serviced, from breakdown repairs to minor damage, to ensure the safety and security of customers' valuable cargo and drivers.

Cargo handling equipment


The company has a fleet of reach stackers, gantry cranes, unick trucks and various types of forklift trucks for a wide variety of tasks.

To ensure the safe and speedy implementation of cargo handling equipment, it is essential to inspect the equipment and improve the technical skills of the operators on a daily basis. We are proud of our competence that is the result of training and numerous assignments.

Reefer power supply


The installation of a reefer power supply protects the quality of your valuable cargo.

Reefer power supply: power supply equipment for reefer containers.

Refrigerated containers are used for the transport of cargo requiring freezing or refrigeration, such as perishable food products, and are equipped with a built-in refrigeration unit to maintain a constant temperature. Power supplies for the containers are installed to ensure a transport environment that maintains the quality of the cargo at all times.

MG chassis


As we own MG chassis, we can also handle constant-temperature transport.

We have introduced chassis with MG (motor generator) to meet the needs of our customers. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any requests regarding the overland transport of reefer containers.

Safety management


We ensure the safety management of the drivers who carry our customers' valuable cargo.

We have installed simulators for driver training, conduct regular inspections and utilise the results of these inspections in our safety management.